Your Iwi
Your Iwi


Connect with all your iwi and hapū groups in one place

Your whakapapa, and your whānau history, allow you to be you.

These days it’s harder to stay connected with your marae, hapū, and iwi, especially when you live away from home. is here to help.

YourIwi connects you to your iwi and hapū groups through one easy online dashboard and app.

Stay updated, communicate, and learn about opportunities and benefits for you and your whānau.

It’s simple and meaningful, and it’s for all Māori.

Nau mai, haere mai, tahuti mai.

Welcome to Your Iwi!


Whakapapa spans all generations, weaving its way through our ancestors to us.

It binds us together, it connects us to the whenua, it’s our identity.

Whakapapa connects us to the past, the present, and the future. helps you to keep those connections, in the fast-paced digital age.


Registering with all your iwi and hapū groups can be hard work. You might not know where to start. is simple. Register once, gain access to information from all your iwi and hapū.

Hear about scholarships, grants, latest news and pānui.

Vote online for trustee elections, and settlement mahi that affects your whānau, hapū and marae.


Once the groups you affiliate with have registered with, you will be able to fill out an online form and complete your personal profile.

Your iwi and hapū groups will be notified, and once they’ve verified your registration, you’re good to go. lets you access your iwi and hapū news and information all in one place. Hear about opportunities for you and your whānau. is for everyone, so tell your whānau to register too!

If the groups you affiliate with haven’t registered with, make sure you check back regularly and be the first to sign up when they do!

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