In the future we can! YourIwi is not currently set up to help you trace your whakapapa, but we are developing this for the future. We are working with kaumātua and other experts to understand how best to connect people, while keeping within tikanga.

Our relationships with providers like Māori Land Court, and will allow us to develop updates to YourIwi including the use of smart technology. 

How confident are we about the security of your data and personal information? Well, our own whakapapa is on YourIwi.

All personal data held by YourIwi is protected by the highest levels of security and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the leading global providers.

The information you provide is only shared with the iwi and hapū groups you have chosen to share it with. YourIwi will never share your personal data without your permission.

Most iwi and hapū groups are trusts, set up to represent those who whakapapa to a certain ancestor, whānau or specific whenua. They must keep a register of iwi members (beneficiaries of the trust).

Without your details, the iwi cannot communicate with you. They want to update you on news that’s important to your iwi, hapū and whānau, and opportunities like grants and scholarships.

But you’ve got to be registered. Your iwi and hapū groups want to help you and your whānau to thrive – but they’ve got to be able to connect with you first!

You can register with any of the iwi and hapū groups that are listed on

It’s your whakapapa and your right to connect with the iwi or hapū groups that you affiliate to.

All iwi have their own verification or approval process. If you meet their registration criteria, you will be registered to that iwi or hapū.

Once you have registered with one iwi, you will be able to connect with the other iwi and hapū groups you affiliate with through your personal dashboard.

When you register to your first Iwi you can register any other iwi groups within your personal dashboard. (See above)

Once you are registered, your iwi and hapū groups will send you notifications on your dashboard.

You’ll soon be able to apply for scholarships and grants on YourIwi. For now, keep an eye on the pānui section of your dashboard.

Mīharo! When your iwi group registers with YourIwi they will provide you with login credentials to access your personal dashboard.

If an iwi group you affiliate with who isn’t using joins the YourIwi network, your details will automatically be updated on our system.

Using YourIwi means you have all your iwi and hapū information in one place – so it’s easy to stay updated on what’s happening across all your different groups.

The first place to look for information about your whakapapa or stories about your iwi, is your marae and your whānau.

If your immediate whānau don’t know, then try connecting with one of the iwi organisations here and ask them who you should talk to about your whakapapa.

We understand this can feel daunting. It may take time to find out about your whakapapa and which iwi you connect to, but it will be worth all the cups of tea and kōrero.

Yes! It’s easy. When you shift house, or if you have a pēpē join your whānau, you can easily update your information / register baby. No need to call the offices of all your iwi groups.

When you change your profile information, it will be updated for all iwi you’re registered with on YourIwi. Easy and quick. Now you can get back to enjoying cuddles or unpacking stuff in your new whare.

YourIwi has been developed by Campbell Squared and C2DEV, led by Scott Campbell (Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Pukenga, Te Arawa, Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Porou) and Angela Campbell, with a strong team of communicators, designers and developers behind them. They are based in Tauranga Moana and work with many iwi throughout Aotearoa.

First, you need your own email address. So, if you don’t have an email address, or you share one with whānau, you’ll need to set up a new one.

Once you have an email address, you can fill out the YourIwi online form of your chosen iwi group. You’ll just need to know the full name of at least one of your parents and grandparents. If you know more than that, ka rawe!

You can upload any supporting documents (e.g. birth certificate) but if you don’t have them, kei te pai.

Each iwi and hapū group has their own requirements for verifying your whakapapa. They will contact you individually if they need more information to get you registered.

Have a question that’s not answered here? Contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help!