He waka eke noa – We are in this together

Pubished date: 1 year ago
Read time: 2 mins


In our history, there has perhaps never been a whakataukī so applicable to the current situation of Aotearoa and all its people. Powerful politicians and well-known New Zealanders have repeatedly quoted this whakataukī over the past few weeks in a bid to unite New Zealanders.

As a nation, we largely responded to this message with acceptance, and the will to do whatever it takes to protect our whānau, our communities and our fellow New Zealanders.

He Waka eke noa.

This is a whakataukī that encourages unison and the powerful message has served its purpose. It is encouraging to see our leaders embracing not just our language, but the wisdom handed down over centuries.

The Government used this message effectively to connect with Aotearoa. However, communication can only be successful if you reach your audience and many iwi who have not setup appropriate channels to reach their whānau are struggling. They’re inundated with requests for support from those that need it during the tough times ahead.

Right now, it is hard to come together, but it is more important than ever for iwi to look out for their people and engage in regular kōrero.

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Author: YourIwi